Women’s Barracks


Enhanced PDF Edition of the Lesbian Pulp Classic, Women’s Barracks


Women’s Barracks
By Tereska Torres
(Lesbian Stories, Pulp Novels)
Publisher:  She Winked Press (ISBN:  978-1-936456-14-7)

SPECIAL PDF EDITION: This edition includes bonus material not found in online retailer editions – cover images from other rare lesbian pulp novels!

One of the first lesbian pulp novels ever published, this is the true-life story of young girls living together in a French military barracks during World War II. These girls, many inexperienced and away from home for the first time, meet other women who have lived every type of existence. The girls who confide in Tereska Torres, the author, share their most intimate feelings and secret thoughts.

With all of its revelations and tenderness, Women’s Barracks  is an important book. It tells the story of women in war.  It also has the special distinction of being the first “lesbian pulp” novel ever published and became a record-breaking bestseller.

In her telling of these women’s stories, Torres remains nonjudgmental of the lesbian relationships these women explored. Perhaps as a result, Women’s Barracks  was banned in several states for being “obscene.” The House Select Committee on Current Pornographic Materials denounced the book in 1952 as an illustration of how the newly emerging paperback industry was breeding and promoting moral depravity. By today’s standards, of course, the book is somewhat tame; however, the eroticism and honesty with which Torres writes immerses the reader in the love, tenderness, loyalty and passion that women share with each other. Download and read this lesbian book today!