First Person 3rd Sex


Enhanced PDF Edition of the Lesbian Pulp Classic, First Person 3rd Sex by Sloane Britain.


By Sloane Britain (Lesbian Pulp Fiction)
Published by She Winked Press (ISBN: 978-1-936456-51-2)

SPECIAL PDF EDITION: This edition includes bonus material not found in online retailer editions – cover images from other rare lesbian pulp novels!

In this lesbian novel, Paula and Janet meet in college while studying to become teachers. Upon graduation, they learn they have been hired to work in the same small-town school. Enjoying each other’s company, and learning they have a lot in common, they decide to share expenses and move in together. Before long, Paula realizes she is attracted to Janet.

Although she had dated men in the past, she had always been strongly drawn to women… had even had prior experiences. It was love Paula was most desperately seeking. Could Janet be The One? Or would passion and true love come in the arms of another woman?