Valerie Taylor's vintage lesbian novel, Whisper Their LoveWhisper Their Love
By Valerie Taylor
(Lesbian Novel, Pulp Fiction)
Publisher: She Winked Press (ISBN: 978-1-936456-21-5)

SPECIAL PDF EDITION: This edition includes bonus material not found in online retailer editions – cover images from other rare lesbian pulp novels!

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In one of Valerie Taylor's best lesbian novels, Joyce is a young woman off to her first year at college at prestigious all-girl school.  She gets along well with her roommate, Mary Jean, who is somewhat boy-crazy. Joyce begins to think there’s something wrong with her because she has no interest in boys.  Then she meets Edith, the dean of the college, and falls head over heels in love.  Suddenly all that mattered to her was a woman twice her age.

Whisper Their Love  is a haunting and courageous lesbian story of how a young girl's hunger for love leads her to discover passions she didn’t know existed. Only a writer as skillful and sensitive as Valerie Taylor could have taken such a daring subject and fashioned it into such a stirring lesbian novel.

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