The Price of Salt by Patricia HighsmithThe Price of Salt
By Patricia Highsmith

(Writing as Claire Morgan)
(Lesbian Pulp Fiction)
Published by She Winked Press (ISBN: 978-1-936456-17-8)

SPECIAL PDF EDITION: This edition includes bonus material not found in online retailer editions – cover images from other rare lesbian pulp novels!

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Therese is working in a department store when one day a beautiful older woman comes to her counter. After she leaves, Therese finds she can't stop thinking of the woman. She writes a note to the customer, Carol, and is elated when Carol invites her to meet for lunch. Therese realizes she has strong feelings for Carol, but is unsure of what they represent.  Carol, in the process of a bitter separation and divorce, is also quite lonely. Soon the two women begin spending a great deal of time together.  Before long, they are madly and hopelessly in love.

The path is not easy for them, however. When the women leave New York and travel west together, they discover the choices they’ve made to be together will have lasting effects on both their lives.

Considered to be the first lesbian pulp novel to break the pulp publishing industry-enforced pattern of tragic consequences for its lesbian heroines, The Price of Salt was written by Patricia Highsmith—the author of Strangers on a Train and The Talented Mr. Ripley.

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