lesbian ebooksBy Joan Ellis
(Lesbian Stories, Pulp Novels)
Published by She Winked Press (ISBN:  978-1-936456-39-0)

SPECIAL PDF EDITION: This edition includes bonus material not found in online retailer editions – cover images from other rare lesbian pulp novels!

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She couldn't keep her hands off her brother's wife! What torture to be in the same room with Kathy… not being able to say what she really felt about her, not being able to fondle her warm, nude body as she posed on the podium.  Yes, Elaine Ransome had been successful her whole life competing against men; she'd climbed to the top of the ladder over their dead-tired bodies, but she needed and wanted something more. And for a while, kittenish Terry Brooks fulfilled that powerful desire within her. Then, her brother brought his wife, Kathy, to the city and temptation built within Elaine to a smashing climax she couldn’t control!

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