She Winked features classic lesbian pulp fiction in ebook format.  Published by She Winked Press, the rare paperback pulps highlighted on our site represent a diverse sampling of the best lesbian pulp fiction had to offer from the 1950s through the 1960s. Works by authors such as Patricia Highsmith, Ann Bannon, March Hastings, Valerie Taylor, and more contributed to what is commonly thought of as the birth of mainstream lesbian fiction. Never before had so many titles featuring lesbian characters been available to the public, albeit not without a bit of controversy.

We are excited to republish and make these wonderful vintage paperback stories available in ebook format to new generations of readers.  We present them in their original form so as to preserve the tone and atmosphere of the time period.  In fact, much of the language—the slang, the colloquialisms, the lingo, even the spellings of some words—appear as they were written fifty or sixty years ago.  We hope you will enjoy this nostalgic look back at a period in American history when lesbian novels were truly all the rage!


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