Celebrating Lesbian Pulp Fiction

Lesbian pulp fiction was born during the first half of the 20th century. Back then, the written word was the darling of popular entertainment. Although radio was growing in popularity, movies were developing quickly, and television was just on the horizon. Still, reading remained a common pastime for people of all classes and levels of education. Writers and publishers of the day recognized the breadth of their audience, and produced fiction for every taste.

lesbian pulp fiction cover

By the 1950s, lesbian pulp fiction entered center stage. These pulp paperbacks – selling for between 25 and 50 cents – could be found at newsstands, drugstore magazine racks, as well as bus and train stations across the country. Publishers immediately saw the potential in this new genre. Before long, almost every publishing house began accepting submissions. Most authors used pseudonyms to avoid any backlash caused by the conservative thinking of the day. And, with tiles like The Women Were Willing, Her Soul Went First, Flesh Mother, and Bedroom on Wheels, it’s not hard to see why. Still, the time period also brought us some true gems – The Price of Salt, Odd Girl Out, Stranger on Lesbos, to name a few - written by some very talented and courageous women. We are excited to make these classic lesbian pulp fiction novels from the pulp era available in ebook format to new generations of readers. We hope you will enjoy these lesbian stories from the Golden Age of Lesbian Pulps. Browse our Lesbian Pulp Fiction Store now!

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